Jamie Lee Coulter – Author
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Jamie Lee Coulter

How do you talk about something that has taken you down into the depths of darkness and back? How do you go back to that place, the place that changed the very essence of who you were? How do you go back to a place that destroyed your life as you knew it?

Those were just a few of the questions I began to ask myself when I first thought about writing this book. The one thing I did know was it was going to be the most painful thing I’d ever done in my entire life.

And then a still, small voice asked, “Do you really want to share your journey of gut wrenching, horrendous emotional pain and unstoppable heartache with people who don’t know you, who didn’t know what you were like before and who even now have no idea who you really are?”

And then that same little voice said, “Maybe, just maybe, there is one woman or man out there who is right now experiencing what you’ve already been through. Someone looking for something, anything they can hold onto to get through the personal misery they’re living in. Maybe there’s someone out there who just needs to know they’re not alone.”

And so, with those thoughts in my mind, I sat down to tell you my story, a story of the other side of the drug addict’s life, in the hopes that it will help you get through wherever you are in your own private story. And also to let you know that you can survive, that you can turn your own life around and eventually you will come out on “The Other Side of Hell.